Welcome to Vince’s Auto Body & Collision Repair Services!

Collision Repair Service

Vince's Auto Body provides top-notch collision repair services with their state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained technicians.

Custom Body Work

Vince's Auto Body custom body and paint work offers high-quality automotive services for both cars and trucks.

24/7 Towing & Support

Vince's Auto Body 24-hour towing and support service covers all your roadside needs with prompt, dependable service.

Paint-less Dent Removal

Vince's Auto Body offers a premier paintless dent removal service that is fast, cost-effective and leaves your car looking like new.

Wheel Replacement

Vince's Auto Body offers a comprehensive wheel replacement and alignment service, utilizing only the highest quality technology, parts, and materials.

Headlight Refurbishing

Vince's Auto Body headlight refurbishing service is committed to providing top-of-the-line quality and attention to detail.

Glass Repair/Replacement

Vince's Auto Body provides expert glass repair and replacement services, using only the highest quality materials for a reliable and durable results.

Bumper Repair

Vince's Auto Body offers high-quality bumper repair services utilizing state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure the highest level of compliance.

Spring Balance

Vince's Auto Body offers a comprehensive spring balance service that utilizes advanced technology to quickly and accurately calibrate your vehicle's suspension system.

Auto Detailing Service

Vince's Auto Body auto detailing service offers top-of-the-line cleaning and restoration services that ensure every vehicle looks like new.

Certified Ceramic Coating

Vince's Auto Body offers certified ceramic coating services that provide an ultra-durable layer of protection to keep your vehicle looking glossy and new.

Complete A/C Servicing

Vince's Auto Body A/C servicing offers a comprehensive service to keep your car's air conditioning running smoothly using cutting-edge technology.

FREE Online Estimates

Experience the convenience and speed of our online photo estimates service. Simply send us photos of the damage or issue, and our expert team will provide you with a quick estimate.

Wheel Alignments & Balancing

Achieve a smooth and balanced ride with our wheel alignment & balancing services. Our skilled technicians will align your wheels to ensure proper alignment to OEM specifications and custom.

Car Rentals Arranged

Experience the convenience of our car rental service. We'll handle all the arrangements and provide you with a reliable rental vehicle to meet your needs.